DCC additional funding for AAP

Durham County Council (DCC) announced yesterday that £1.4 million of funding will be released to AAPs in order to provide much-needed support during the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition to this funding, DCC are also providing local councillors with flexibility to use their neighbourhood budgets to support community groups and the voluntary sector by releasing revenue funding previously allocated for capital projects.  This flexibility, if fully utilised, will provide up to a further £1.76 million of financial support to County Durham communities. 


More information on this funding can be found at https://www.durham.gov.uk/article/23053/-1-4-million-funding-pot-for-hard-working-community-groups .


This is really positive news for all AAPs and the communities that we need to support in these very difficult times and more details on the funding will follow in due course. 


We have also been actively working to support our communities via two virtual community hubs (please note the service is also provided on weekends).  You can find more information on the work of the hubs here http://www.durham.gov.uk/covid19help.  Essentially we will support people with their requests for help by signposting them to local groups, other DCC services, agency support and/or national initiatives.  Another big role that we are undertaking, as part of the hub delivery, is to provide support to individuals, where appropriate, directly to their homes.  This service is being provided with the essential support from a large network of volunteers from within DCC.   As said, you can find all the information you need on the hubs by following the link above. 


Another element of the key work we are undertaking includes collecting and promoting information on groups/services that are currently being provided in our community and across the county as a whole.  This information is being continually updated and promoted via the countywide Locate website https://www.durhamlocate.org.uk/ .  We hope this website will serve as a central point for information for residents during this immensely difficult period.   If you think we are missing anything on the website then please follow the instructions on Locate to submit this information or contact the Spennymoor AAP Team if you have any queries.