Spennymoor AAP - Priority Survey

All Area Action Partnerships (AAPs) have been set up to give people in County Durham a greater choice and voice in local affairs. There are 14 AAPs that cover the whole of County Durham.


Across all 14 AAPs, local people are asked to vote on what priorities they would like to see their AAP work towards. In order to give as many residents as possible the opportunity to vote on their local priorities, we conducted a countywide survey/campaign. The last survey was carried out in 2016 and we had just under 8,000 responses from across the county (including the views of over 3,000 secondary school pupils). As a result of these responses, each AAP was able to work with partners and local organisations to develop a range of projects and schemes to meet the priorities and issues raised by residents. During 2017/18, the AAPs allocated over £2.5 million and helped bring into the county over £2.3 million of matched investment to deliver 825 local projects across the county.


In order to ensure local AAPs continue to work towards current and relevant local issues, we would now like to once again hear from you on your issues and priorities. It is essential that we receive YOUR views on YOUR community, therefore we would like to encourage you, your friends and your family members to complete one of our surveys.

To vote on your priorities for your area then follow either of the links below: