Kirk Merrington

Kirk Merrington occupies a position on the southern slope of a limestone ridge which runs from Westerton to Ferryhill. The position offers panoramic views of South Durham and the Cleveland Hills.  To the north, the summit overlooks the town of Spennymoor and the River Wear Valley. 

The name Merrington is of Anglo Saxon origin and based on the personal name Maer, Maer’s ton, the place of Maer’s people. Originally it was known as East Merrington there being two other Merringtons: Middle Merrington, Middlestone and the West Merrington Westerton. An interesting point to note is that East Merrington and another village called Shellom lay adjacent to each other in early times.  These two villages were later amalgamated to become the Kirk Merrington we know today, the Kirk part of the name being adopted when the church was built.